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Tamil poets and writers gathered periodically to publish their work at what was called Sangam, according to legends. This happened ages ago around 200 BC. The period was called Sangam Period and the literature of this time is still referred to as the Sangam literature. Sangapalagai was the name given to the platform where Tamil authors / writers/ poets and other creative artists launched, introduced and shared their creative works and received acclamation from literature lovers. Sangapalagai was also an accreditation platform. All new creations were evaluated by a team of critiques before they could find a place on Sangapalagai.

Sangam means an association of people united with a common interest. Palagai means a platform.

Our attempt is to recreate the ideals and concepts in today’s digital world and provide a virtual platform for interaction among Tamil lovers, wherever they are located. Sangapalagai is an avenue of expression for Tamil writers and publishers and a forum providing access to Tamil writings all over the world.

Sangapalagai, by disseminating quality writings in Tamil found in magazines, short stories and novels through a digital platform, enables communities to be in touch with their culture, religion, unique characteristics and above all Tamil Language.

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Sangapalagai aims to be the home for all Digital Tamil Publications

Sangapalagai aims to unite customers, publishers, authors and advertisers on a multimedia platform.

Sangapalagai will make digital magazines and books readable as easily and comfortably as you read a printed book or magazine.

Publishers’ Advantages

Global reach and Circulation
Instant Delivery to Buyer
Savings in Paper and Printing Costs
Flexibility in size and number of pages of books and magazines

Consumers’ Advantages

Timely access
Affordable price
Demand led content
No Limitation on content
Possible Interactions with Creators


Sangapalagai is a distribution channel bringing together buyers and sellers of Tamil Publications in Digital Format.

Sangapalagai is a membership based site where the membership to the site is free. Members can read their favourite magazines by paying the required fee for each. They can buy one or more magazines. We will also be selling books new and old.

Sangapalagai will only make the Digital Versions of Books and Magazines available to members. No printed versions of books or magazines are sold by us.