Q: What is Sangapalgai

A: Sangapalgai is a platform distributing Tamil works in Digital Format. We distribute modern Tamil magazines and books as well as ancient works that may not be accessible in digital format now. Right now, selected magazines and books are available for outright purchase. We will be adding more books and magazines on a regular basis as a digital collection.

Q. How do I download books / magazines ?

A. Download the Sangapalagai App from the App store and Signup as a new user. Open the Sangapalagai app and Login and buy Credits. Select a Book/Magazine & download & enjoy reading it.

Q. What if I do not get my activation email from Sangapalagai ?

A. To simplify the activation process we automatically activate your account, if you need any assistance write to sangapalagai@gmail.com

Q. What are Credits?

A. In order to simplify the book buying experience, we have arrived at a easy system of Credits. After you login to the Sangapalagai app, click the profile button and you can Buy or Gift Credits. You can choose to buy 100, 500 or 1000 Credits and it will be added to your account instantly. You can use the purchased Credits to download the book of your choice at your convince when ever you want. Suppose you buy 100 Credits and buy a book worth 30 Credits, the balance 70 Credits will be available in your account. You can see all the details of your purchase history and available Credits from www.sangapalagai.in - MyAccount

Q. Can I buy many books/magazines at the same time ?

A. Yes you can as many as you want

Q. Can I copy / share or print the books/magazines I buy ?

A. No you cannot, you can only read them in your devices

Q: Can I gift a book or magazine to others?

A: Yes you can gift coupons, they can register in Sangapalagai iOS app and redeem them.

Q. How many devices I can download the content I buy ?

A. You can use upto 3 iOS devices to read them

Q. Want if I change my device ?

A. You can write to sangapalagai@gmail.com we will do the needful.

Q. Can I claim for a refund after I make a payment ?

A. No you cannot, once a payment is made it will not be refunded

Q. Can I transfer my balance to another account ?

A. No you cannot transfer your balance to another account

Q. Can I buy coupons using Paypal?

A. Yes you can.

Log on to www.sangapalagai.in and go to your my account and login,
There you can see the Recharge options, After you Recharge
Open the Sangapalagai app and login.
You will see the Credits Purchased added into your account.

Q: Can I buy Coupons if I do not have a credit card ?

A. Yes you can buy 100, 500 or 1000 worth Coupons without Credit Card.

For Online Money Transfer

Account Name : Sangapalagai
Bank : Punjab National Bank, Triplicane Branch
Current A/C no. 0346002100023915
IFSC Code : PUNB0034600
MICR Code : 600024015

You can also send the payment by Cheque / DD / Money order to the sangapalagai office address and mail the info to sangapalagai@gmail.com

once the payment is cleared we will add relevant credits to your account and inform you. You cannot send payments less than 100, 500 or 1000 worth Coupons.

Q. Can I Distribute My Book / Magazine through Sangapalagai ?

A. Off course you can. But the final discretion of accepting or rejecting to distribute your work is with us.

Q: Can I suggest some publications of my interest to be included on the Sangapalagai iOS app ?

A: Yes you can. However the inclusion of the publication in the web site will be based on a review process. We have a team of subject experts who review the publications to ensure relevance and quality before inclusion in the web site. Your recommendation will also go through the same process.

Q. Who is responsible for the contents of the Books or Magazines?

A: Sangapalagai is only a digital distributor and Sangapalagai cannot take any responsibility for the contents of the Books or magazines you buy. The publisher / author of the publication are responsible for all the contents in the publication you buy through Sangapalagai app.

Q. What are the features available in the Sangapalagai reader ?

A:1) Bookmark pages.
2) Pinch-Zoom PDF pages.
3) Read in Landscape/Portrait mode.
4) Share the book info, you are reading in social networks.