Terms & Conditions

Credits once purchased cannot be returned.
Book/Magazine credit values are subject to change with out any notice.
Balance Credits are non transferable & non refundable.
No Air sharing or Print option available for the downloaded content.
Buyer should furnish proof of purchase to Sangapalagai if requested for.
Buyers can use only 3 iOS devices to download the contents.
Buyers can request by mail to remove old iOS devices to add new iOS device.
Sangapalagai has the absolute right to accept or reject the request.
Credits cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.
For any reason if the site is closed due to "Act of God" the amount paid cannot be refunded nor contents can be downloaded from Sangapalagai site / iOS app.
Sangapalagai is not responsible for the contents in the Books/Magazine and Sangapalagai is only an e- distributor. Any dispute arises, it should be settled in India Tamil Nadu Chennai Court only

Disclaimer: Sangapalagai does not solicit confidential information regarding your account and/or any personal data contained therein. Please do not respond to any e-mail requesting for details like user name, account information, account password etc. If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from Sangapalagai asking confidential information about your Sangapalagai account please inform us immediately by forwarding the e-mail to sangapalagai@gmail.com In case of any act on your part (intentional or otherwise) relating to the aforesaid which shall create a liability the same shall be without recourse to Sangapalagai and Sangapalagai shall not be responsible for the same.